Development and implementation of technologies of fruit and berry crops growth

1. Visit of the farming unit by the specialist with the aim of a comprehensive assessment of the suitability of existing infrastructure and land plots for growing fruits and berries.
2. Selection of crops, varieties to lay the fruits and berries plantations.
3. Development of recommendations for bedding up and fertilization systems.
4. Development of technological component:
4.1. Providing guidance on the optimal planting scheme, given the technology of cultivation, varieties, soil and climatic conditions, existing machinery and equipment.
4.2. Development of an integrated system of protection against pests, diseases and weeds.
4.3. Guidelines on the application of growth regulators (vegetative growth control, laying the fruit buds, yield rationing, products quality improving).
4.4. Development of the fertilizing crops system (basic fertilization, fertigation, foliar nutrition).
4.5. Recommendations for maintaining soil in the fertile band and rows (depending on soil conditions, availability / plans to purchase machinery and equipment).
4.6. Recommendations on support systems and wallpaper structures.
4.7. Recommendations on the optimal technology park formation.
4.8. Development of process maps for laying and care for plants.
4.9. Providing information on the possibility of procurement of production resources (plant material, specialized equipment, etc.) in Ukraine and abroad.