Preparation and support of farming units when undergoing certification

1. Analysis of the farming unit and an initial audit for compliance with GlobalG.A.P. requirements 2. Carrying-out of training for management personnel of the farming unit:
  • Integrated plant protection system
  • HACCP system
  • Use of fertilizers and chemicals
  • Operational Health and Safety
  • First aid
  • Requirements for documentation
3. Consulting support and farming unit assistance for the implementation of all the standard requirements:
  • Analysis and assessment of the possible risks of production (environmental, chemical, biological, physical, etc.) as well as development of methods to prevent their occurrence
  • Implementation of necessary documentation system in accordance with the requirements of GlobalG.A.P. standard.
  • Development of documentation forms
  • Development of instructions, graphs, charts and so on.
  • Implementation of necessary data recording system of all phases of the production cycle
  • Advising on the organization of the farming unit in accordance to GlobalG.A.P. requirements
  • Consultations regarding the preparation of mineral fertilizers storages and plant protection products in accordance with the requirements of GlobalG.A.P. standard and national legislation
  • Consultations on implementation of safety rules, environmental safety, hygiene and others in accordance with GlobalG.A.P. requirements.
  • Developing of a system to identify and track products. Developing of procedures for withdrawal and the return of products from the market
  • Personnel training.
4. Internal audit of the farming unit for compliance with GlobalG.A.P.

5. Selecting of the laboratory, which is certified under ISO 17025 for the analysis of products on the content of pesticide residues, assistance in sampling and its delivering to the laboratory.

6. Selecting of the company that will conduct the certification of the farming unit (approved by GlobalG.A.P.). Filling-in the application form, preparation and translation of contracts and other documents.

7. Support of the farming unit during the external audit by an accredited by GlobalG.A.P. certification body.